Sports Performance

As a competitive endurance athlete, I have always had a healthy curiosity to discover ways in which the body and mind can be pushed further athletically.  Naturopathic medicine offers a unique opportunity to improve sports performance with the aid of evidence-based natural therapies.  Assessing your sports nutrition needs, exercise training program, and biomechanics allows me to address your individual needs and recommend appropriate science-based guidance to achieve optimal performance.  Having worked with athletes of all ages, activity levels, health statuses and fitness goals, I can help develop an individualized plan that meets your sports performance needs. 

Dr. Opunui Ironman

Intravenous Nutrition

Intravenous (IV) therapy is the administration of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream.  It is used extensively by athletes to recover from injury, optimize training, and improve overall immunity.  The benefit of IV therapy is that nutrients bypass the stomach and liver, going directly into the bloodstream where they can be optimally absorbed by the tissues.  This increases speed and quality of nutrient absorption, makes it a great therapeutic tool to optimize athletic performance, increase immune system function, and speed recovery from injury.