Weight Loss

High levels of stress, inflammatory foods, lack of exercise and poor dietary choices can all contribute to obesity and overall poor health. Whether your goal is to prevent obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension or to simply look and feel better, a naturopathic program involving supplements, a healthy individualized diet and lifestyle changes can help you reach your ideal weight and stay there. 


I offer a variety of unique weight loss strategies to fit your individual needs. Most patients that I see are already doing the common things such as watching calories and exercising. Sometimes this is simply not enough to shed those extra pounds.

I understand your struggle and have found that along with a clean diet and exercise, many other factors are important to address in your life in order to achieve your health goals. An individualized strategy is developed to support your weight loss and keep the weight off for good - without the rebound or yo-yo diets.

It is extremely important to address multiple aspects of your health, including stress reduction, detoxification, increasing your metabolism, eliminating food sensitivities, building basic health, balancing hormones and much more.